I Am a Mom With Cancer

I’m not sure how I should begin or where I should begin. My name is Viki Zarkin. I’m a mom a wife a daughter a sister. I have cancer. Stage 4. I don’t know if my story is any different from others, but I think it will help me to write about it.

I should say I love being a mother and wife. I have two terrific children. A son, Dell, who was named for my husband’s mother, whom I miss very much. Dell just turned 12 and is light personified. It shines through him like rays from a very bright sun. My saddest day was having to tell my Dell that his mom was sick. He understands the word cancer. My beautiful, red-headed daughter is named Isabella. We have no idea where her red hair came from, but it is her lion’s mane. She is my sweetheart and stays close by my side and still thinks I’m terrific. We are the best of friends. When I told Isabella I was sick, I’m not sure she fully understood it, but she does now. My husband and I have been together for 23 years, married for 19 of them. He’s a terrific husband. Jere and I do everything together, which is probably strange to others. We work together. (He is a dentist and I run his front office). We drive to work together and come home together and raise our children together. Jere relies on me a great deal and is having a difficult time with my diagnosis. Sometimes I think this illness is harder on those around us than on those of us who are sick.

My family and friends have been so concerned and supportive of me. I guess for a long time, I just needed to process and just fight step by step. It felt funny walking out my door sometimes. Like everyone was staring at me.

I can talk about the facts but not really my feelings. I don’t like to be touched by people other than my children and husband. I just don’t want all the hugs … and I know people really need to give them. I just need to do what I need to do to get by. To survive each day. My good friends have been very supportive of that. Keeping the well-wishers at bay. It sounds so disrespectful when everyone is just being kind, but I have a mission to get well and I can’t get distracted by making others feel better all the time.

I’m so determined to get well. Early on, I reminded my children that I am a Zarkin and very strong. I promised that I would do everything I could!! I will do everything I can do.

I just can’t believe this is happening. I’d always been so diligent about my mammograms, and then I miss one year and I have cancer all over my body. Stage 4. Really? Are you kidding me? What the hell? How does this happen?? In the beginning, every day I went for more tests and every time they told me they found more cancer. Just when I thought I had my answers and it couldn’t get worse, it got worse. To look into the eyes of my children, my husband, my family and friends. My mom is so upset. I feel terrible because, for the last 15 years, really all she has done is take care of people and now there is me. I’m really glad she’s here. I think Jere and I both feel better when she’s around. I’m glad she comes to the hospital all the time. We sort of have fun when we’re together. We eat a lot of cheesecake.

Speaking of food, my friends are feeding me. They have put together lists and lists of people who have lined up and are feeding my family. I can’t believe they have been feeding me for a year. I haven’t given up on me and I realize, with all these meals, they haven’t given up on me either. So many people, many of whom I don’t even know, are reaching out to me. I find it hard to believe that anyone has been given the kind of support I have been given. I mean a year of food, really … can you imagine?? Can you imagine my friends organizing something that grand? Can you imagine everyone actually standing in line to cook for me and my family? They also send gifts and flowers and cards. It’s just unreal to me. They tell me I would do the same, but I wonder. How can it be that my story has rallied so many well-wishers? I think it’s something I may never understand.

The kindness of others can really make a difference. With such a dire diagnosis, I wonder if I would be doing as well today if I hadn’t had so many people praying and cooking for me. I never thought too much about prayer before, but I ponder it now. It’s not that I didn’t believe in it before now, it’s just that so many people do believe in it, I think that’s what makes it so uplifting to receive.

My awesome radiation oncologist once said to me, the patients who do the best are always the ones that have someone waiting for them in the waiting room. I always have someone in the waiting room. It’s strange to think you are lucky when you are so sick but i do … I think I’m lucky. I can’t stop feeling that this is unique. That this community and the overwhelming outreach I’ve received is special. That’s it … it’s special.

It’s been a year now since I was told I have Stage 4 cancer. It’s kind of strange to look back to when I was told and how my year has played out. I guess I’m writing about it now, so that’s a big step. Just didn’t want to do that before. Now I’m starting a blog. Me … how strange. I finally feel like I can offer something. I feel like I can break it down, where I just couldn’t do that before. What a trip this year has been. I know It’s been a long road, but some good has come out of it. My parents can actually be in a room together. They do that for me. My brother, who I almost never got to see before, has been traveling in to visit me every two months. So has my sister. I love seeing them, spending time with them. Having it not be just for a holiday or family occasion. I get to spend real time with them. It’s really terrific.

I feel like I have something to share with mothers out there. Mothers that are juggling their illnesses but still have their family responsibilities. We still need to get our daughters to gymnastics and our sons to soccer. There is homework every night, lunches to make, bedtime stories to read. There are wounds to heal and tears to dry. Children are afraid and don’t understand fully. Mostly they just want their mom.

I saw a TV show last year when I was first diagnosed that really stuck with me. These two girls had grown up with their father having cancer their whole childhoods. Now they were young adults and their father had three months to live and they were angry. Their whole childhood was lost to them. Their father was sick throughout, their mother was not dealing with it and they felt lost. Lost for what they missed, guilty for feeling that way when their father was so ill, and just not sure what to do. I ask myself, my children are now 9 and 12 and I have Stage 4 cancer. This is going to be my children. Will they respect me for fighting so hard? Will they resent me for being in the hospital when they have a birthday? Will they be lost and never be able to trust or fully love? I’m so worried about fighting to be with them that I wonder if I’m missing something. Maybe it’s easier to be gone and let them move on. My daughter asks me when I won’t be sick anymore so I can do the things I used to do. How do I say I’ll never not be sick anymore. What’s more important? I can do different things with her. Maybe not the same, but different. Does different have to be so bad? I still do lots of nice things with my children. I’m proud of that.


  1. In 2006 I was told I had breast cancer, I was told that I would not see my only son graduate from high school and he just graduated from college do not believe all that you are told. Remember the doctors are practicing medicine. On my 5 year out marker I found out that I needed to have a lumpectomy that was on December 27,2011 I had it and am now waiting for the pathology report. I wake up everyday thanking God that I got 1 more day I know it is not else. I know your bones hurt and the pain is horrible but you have 1 more day. Keep the faith and if you every need someone to talk to I will listen.

    1. jaime Ann, I didn’t know if anyone would ever see this. i didn’t even tell my friends and family for fear of the exposure. Your message made my day. I will remember your advice always. Thank You for your support and caring for a stranger. viki

  2. ~Viki~

    I will tell you a secret WHEN you tell someone you have cancer they always have a friend or Aunt that has had it and they all die no no one ever lives how sad. That is not the story I want to hear so I told people yes I have cancer I do not want to hear any death stores. One day I said that a lady, she said, I want you to meet my mother I said ok wondering WHY she said, MOM this is Jaimie and she need a friend because she has breast cancer her mother said to me I had breast cancer 40 years ago!!! she did NOTHING but had her left breast removed she was told that she was not going to live more than 3 years its 40 years later. I am good friend with her and her family. I was so happy to meet someone who LIVED.

    1. So sorry I didn’t get bk to you, I was in the hospital. It’s so nice to know someone out there is worrying about me. It brings me such comfort. People can do that for us. I think that is so terrific!!

    1. Long journey but yes I am thankfully out of the hospital. Yea!! thank you for checking on me. How were your test results?? Viki

  3. Viki, I just found out (saw your blog post on Michelle’s FB page). I am so glad you are sharing this, and I wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you. I still remember you so well, even though it was 16+ years ago when Michelle introduced us. You’ll be in my thoughts and (when I go to synagogue) prayers. I wish you, Jere, and your kids all the best. Hang tough!

  4. Dear Viki. You have no idea of how often you are thought of with so many great memories. I am on your side sending you my best thoughts for strength and prayers for healing. I look forward to one day when you, Jere and family come to visit me at my home in Charleston SC ! Please know I am right here in my thoughts. Love your friend Dottie

    1. I cannot wait to visit you in CHARLESTON!! I get stronger every day. I also think of you often and miss you a great deal. Viki

  5. Vicki, you are an amazing woman! Your devotion, love, even fears, struggles and hope all shine through your blog. We are all behind you with our prayers and love and want you to always fight, and never give up. We are all looking forward to Dell’s special weekend to celebrate his birthday and your successes.

    1. As long as I am blessed with the kind of support I get from you both and your family, I will never have to give up. I move forward everyday because of your help!!! Love You, viki

  6. Dear sweet Viki…….I have been having dreams about you. It is not that I haven’t thought about you over the years, but to suddenly find you in my dreams? I was singing to you and you were asking me to sing some more. I was on Facebook this evening…just playing around, when a note from Michelle Buzgon popped up in a BBYO thread. “So you can keep Viki in your thoughts today …” I didn’t want it to be you. I did what I normally do when i have a question…I Googled you and found your blog. Amazing, amazing woman you are!

    You are a strong woman and if anyone can survive this it is you. I know it may be some time until you are back to blogging, but I will follow you……….. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong. I’ve missed you. Love ~ Arlene (formally Heistand now Carmel)

    1. I just now saw this reply. I hope you see this. i had another surgery in january and must have missed this. I’m so happy to here from you. I have wondered about you and how you are doing often. I will sleep tonight with thoughts of you singing me to sleep. I do miss you. Be happy

    See Kris Carr’s website. She is stage 4 cancer survivor who is
    doing just great!
    all the best,

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