Month: April 2014

It’s the Little Things

You know the familiar saying, “Stop and smell the roses”? Well, I’ve been doing a lot of that. Let’s say I’ve been enjoying the “little” things in life that I’m thinking aren’t so little at all.

  • My mom treated my family to a music performance recently that we all really enjoyed. The music blew through my body, and as I clapped with my children, I was completely in that moment. It was a lovely release.
  • My son refereed his first soccer tournament last weekend and my husband stayed in the background in the pouring rain to make sure no one yelled at him for a call they didn’t like. When they came home, 6 hours later, my son was so proud of himself. I looked over at my soaking wet Jere and I never loved him more. That’s a moment. Love between a father and a son. And what really touched me was finding out that my that son didn’t even know Jere was there because he was hiding to give him his grown-up moment. It’s the little things!!!
  • Some days, I just have to lie down in my bedroom, which is on the first floor of our house. Sometimes in the basement right below, I can hear my daughter singing really loud on her karaoke machine, learning all her new favorite songs. It’s music to my ears. I turn off the TV and just listen. It’s the little things.

It is important to open our senses to all that is around us. If we miss the here and now, we miss everything. We are all busy, but there is beauty everywhere. And if our eyes are always closed, well, we’re going to run into a lot of walls.

I learned about enjoying the small moments — taking things in, breathing, feeling the joy — from my family and the great friendships in my life. They have taught me how to open up my senses and reach for the minutes and seconds of each day.

My Michelle, who has known me the longest and loves me so deeply that she always knows when to give me my space. My friend Patty, who takes my Bella for the best shopping days and makes it a point to make regular coffee dates with me even though our paths don’t naturally cross anymore. My darling David, who makes me the most awful muffins … and who knows just how to make me laugh. My troops, Julie, Jill, Elizabeth, Dara, Robyn, Rebecca, Alyson, who I can always count on to do all the little things that only they can do! My school friends, who always are there to help me day to day and to lift me up when some days I just can’t go anymore … Kathy M., Amy B., Wendy F., Tracy S., and my new friend Kathy D., who always knows a “guy” to get exactly what I need done at the exact moment I need it done.

The little things in life — like the air we breathe, the change of seasons, the beauty of a butterfly flying free — I want to enjoy those things every day. I want to smell the good smells and the bad smells. I don’t want to miss a thing. I love life. I love my family. I love my friends. And I love the “little things.”


p.s. On an unrelated note (though it’s really all related, isn’t it?), I’ve been doing some research for the past six months to find something – anything – to help me with the side effects of all the crazy chemicals running through my body. Lack of sleep, low energy, night sweats and more.

A mom with cancer who is trying to raise her kids can’t afford to sleep all day.

I discovered a nutritional system that has been a great benefit to me. The idea of promoting products on this blog makes me really uncomfortable, but if it’s something you think might be useful for you or someone you love, please contact me directly at This product has been effective for my symptoms, but I certainly can’t promise it’ll work for anyone else. And I’m in no way financially connected to this product.