About Me

My name is Viki Zarkin. I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister. I have cancer. Breast cancer. Stage 4.

When I was first diagnosed, I barely had the courage to talk about this illness with anyone. Now, being a survivor, I want to inspire others to tell their story, and motivate them to stay strong.


I feel like I have something to share with mothers out there. Mothers that are juggling their illnesses and their family responsibilities. We still need to get our daughters to gymnastics and our sons to soccer. There is homework every night, lunches to make, and bedtime stories to read. There are wounds to heal, and tears to dry. Children are afraid and don’t fully understand this whole “cancer” thing.


  1. Dear Viki, I’m so sorry – for losing touch, and of course for your illness. I would love to talk some time and catch up. With love, Shira

  2. Hi Viki:

    We didn’t know each other well [although we were BBYO Regional CO chairs as they say] but I was always encouraged by your spirit and I still am. thank you for sharing your life with me–I wish you nothing but the best.

    Fred [Kaplan-] Mayer, your long lost co-

  3. Viki,
    You are one of the strongest women I know. I just finished reading your blogs and I’m blown away. Being able to share your story with the world is so remarkable and it’s evident that you want to help other women. I was so proud to be your children’s teacher and become a close friend to you. It means nothing more to call you my loyal friend. You truly are an inspiration and I admire all that you do. Miss you lots — see you soon.

  4. Beautiful message Viki. Just like you :-). Sending you much love. Keep packing those lunches and healing those scraped knees. I am on your side. Love. Dottie.

  5. Viki,
    I was in bbyo the same time as you. I am sure that we were together at many events. It a wonderful thing that you are doing and I am rocking my pink hair for October!
    Marla (Kahl) Gerber

    1. BBYO was always such a big part of my youth, now I get to watch my son enyoy BBYO. It’s such a trip down memory lane to watch. I appreciate your kindness and checking up on me. Thank you

  6. Dear Vickie,

    You are one amazing woman, an inspiration and blessing to us all. Thank you so very much for sharing your perspective. Don’t ever stop..it’s a gift.

    Stay well.

    Much gratitude,


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