Speaking Events

Each day, thousands of people are touched by events that change or alter their lives. Viki knows what that’s like. In January 2011, her oncologist diagnosed her with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer and he told her to go home and get ready to die. To Viki, those were fighting words. This was the beginning of the fight for her life.

Inspirational Speaking ~ Drawing on her many experiences in this fight against cancer, Viki speaks with vibrancy, energy, and is spirited with fierce determination. Her 5 foot stature is filled with great compassion and a sharp sense of humor which helps inspire others to overcome challenges, live in the moment, and never give up.


You’ll meet a speaker whose topics include:
Busy Moms Juggling Kids and Cancer; Losing Your Hair and Your Sense of Self; Focusing on the Important Things in Life; and Being a Survivor: The Importance of Fierce Determination.

Her Personal Mantra: “I’m the luckiest girl around. I just happen to have cancer”


Interested in hearing Viki speak about her personal journey?  Email Viki to schedule a speaking engagement for your conference or small group workshop.

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